Through the adversity of the Covid pandemic our level of consciousness has expanded. Many us are integrating deeper spiritual receptivity whilst needing to navigate an increasingly complex and influential digital realm. It can be challenging to stay connected with our hearts and keep our feet on the ground.

The landscape of spiritual teachings grows exponentially. Thousands of new meditations, talks and personal development opportunities are being uploaded into the digital realm every day creating millions of opportunities for spiritual practice and personal growth.


Realmfulness is a new system of practice for a new age. Introduced with the simple intention of simplicity. Enabling spiritual freedom and skilful choice through broadening our awareness and guidance from Source.

Designed for those wishing to take refuge in a holistic and easy-to-follow practice; realmfulness provides the following benefits:

  • Become more relaxed & less stressed.
  • Develop mindfulness.
  • Heal emotional pain.
  • Improve sleep quality and dream awareness.
  • Use digital devices skilfully with ease and consciousness.
  • Manifest good outcomes.
  • Increase spiritual receptivity and psychic abilities.

Realmfulness is an evolved state of awareness enabling peace and right navigation across our four realms:

  • Physical Realm - Form-based and changeable. All of nature. The earth and beyond. What enters our senses, thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations.
  • Digital Realm - The internet; accessed through digital devices. A sub-realm created through the physical realm.
  • Dream Realm - Created consciously through visualisation or unconsciously in sleep and daydreams. Includes being lost in thought. A temporary, self-generated sub-realm created through the physical realm.
  • Spiritual Realm - Higher formless realm. Creates and hosts other realms. Infinite and unchangeable. Source of true wisdom, love & peace. Given many labels including spirit, soul, source and God.

Realmfulness is available right now without meditating. That said, practising through meditation will bring you into a state of realmfulness more of the time in everyday life. This is why many of the world's greatest teachers recommend meditation and prayer. The Buddha chose to meditate and Jesus chose to pray - we become aligned by doing the same. Greater awareness of all four realms is empowering - you experience the fullness of life.

Completing one or more realmfulness meditations most days of the week cultivates inner peace and spiritual receptivity. The meditations are platformed authentically using known and trusted methods including mindfulness, yoga nidra and centering prayer. Helping to unlock and discover more of what is essentially You and integrating this into achieving good outcomes.


Acknowledging its holistic nature, the Realmfulness System of Practice humbly respects other practices, treatments and teachers. Realmfulness practitioners are encouraged to supplement their core practice with more specialist support when required. For example, an in-depth mindfulness course, meditations targeted to specific problems or treatments for addictions and trauma.


Whilst realmfulness may be used by anybody, it has been designed as an advanced system of practice that is simple to follow. Lending itself to those who know they are spiritually receptive with experience in practices like meditation or prayer. And to those whose purpose is to channel love from the spiritual realm to improve themselves and our world. If you've read this far and would like something simple and holistic to practise on a regular basis then realmfulness may be just what you need.


Cultivating realmfulness is simple. Practise one or more meditations you feel will help most days of the week. And enjoy the fullness of life.


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