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Do you teach meditation, mindfulness or yoga online? Either in groups, coaching or through sharing digital content? Would you like to join a supportive community to help grow your business and teaching practice?

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  • Growing an engaged social media following
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  • Leveraging popular teaching platforms like Udemy, Insight Timer, WordPress, IGTV and YouTube
  • Working with Zoom groups
  • Podcasting
  • Offering 121 coaching
  • Managing relationships and communication with followers and students
  • Self-compassion including managing your time and energy
  • Teaching best practice
  • Technical challenges
  • Creating a strategy and business plan
  • Digital marketing
  • Product and service design
  • Monetisation and pricing

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An incredible experience with many challenges!

Darren Cockburn

I love helping people through teaching mindfulness, meditation and sharing spiritual teachings online. It feels good that I'm enabling others and myself to become more conscious. It's been a delight running regular online classes with lovely students 😃 I'm reaching millions of people and delivering tens of thousands of teaching interventions - working across platforms like web sites, podcasts, Udemy, Insight Timer, Zoom and social media. Everyday I wake up to positive feedback from followers encouraging me to continue teaching. I enjoy working 121 with Zoom coaching clients and have two published spiritual books. I can work with autonomy and freedom, anywhere, anytime.

However, for me the journey has been tough! I've needed to work hard to achieve what I have so far. My teaching journey has helped me to evolve as much as it has my students. Motivation to help others and learning from my own mistakes enabled me to learn and grow.

I remember what it was like feeling unsupported in my work, unclear on technical platforms and bumbling along without a clear plan! It was so challenging engaging enough of the right followers and worrying whether folk would want what I was offering. And I went around in circles trying to work out how much I should charge. I also felt stressed about social media, comparing myself to others and not feeling "good enough".

Having overcome these challenges and many more the hard way I'm now helping other teachers succeed with an easier way! By offering 121 coaching and this Conscious Digital Teachers Community to enable online meditation and yoga teachers to GROW and FLOURISH. Helping their students and followers evolve whilst feeling supported and happy in their work 😃

I hope you can JOIN ME and other Conscious Digital Teachers in this special community. Gaining support for yourself and kindly supporting others.

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