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Discover how I can help you leverage a synthesis of mindfulness, spiritual teachings and development tools to gain inner peace and achieve personal or business goals

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Learn Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Discover effective techniques to bring mindfulness into everyday activities
  • Develop higher levels of consciousness and become more accepting of people and situations
  • Create and optimise a personal meditation practice that fits well with your life situation

Improve Relationships

  • Cultivate more kindness to yourself and others
  • Enhance personal and professional relationships
  • Develop a better relationship with yourself
  • Gain freedom through learning how to forgive yourself and others

Transform Work & Business

  • Increase concentration and effectiveness
  • Use digital devices consciously and mindfully. Build or transform your business
  • Acquire clients
  • Change career
  • Create a successful online presence teaching meditation, mindfulness or other forms of spiritual teaching

Optimise Your Life Situation

  • Learn how to simplify your life conditions to cultivate greater mindfulness and happiness
  • Overcome addictions
  • Let go of procrastination
  • Do and obtain only the things that are really needed and release what's unnecessary - gaining space and freedom
Darren Cockburn

An Experienced Mindfulness Teacher & Coach You Can Trust

Hey there! I'm Darren and I'm passionate about helping you achieve your personal or business goals. Book your free Discovery Coaching Session and benefit from my experience...

Mindfulness & Spiritual

  • Recognised mindfulness expert and founder of the Mindfulness Online Training learning portal and podcast
  • Collaborated with and been endorsed by internationally leading teachers
  • Two acclaimed books are full of mindfulness and spiritual guidance
  • Tens of thousands of people have benefited from my teachings
  • Regularly invited to give informative interviews, talks and workshops on mindfulness and spiritual teachings
  • Articles published in globally leading spiritual magazines and web sites
  • Nominee for the "Emerging Voices Award" by Kindred Spirit Magazine


  • Benefit from over two decades of coaching experience
  • Successful track record coaching hundreds of people across a range of areas
  • Received coaching awards and published articles for The Coaching Academy
  • Businesses grown and flourished as a result of my coaching interventions
  • Delivered corporate coaching sessions and programmes up to CEO level

Small Business & Corporate

  • A decade of experience creating and managing successful businesses across the areas of mindfulness and consultancy
  • Seven years experience running a digital coaching business
  • Produced strategies, business plans and marketing plans for businesses of all sizes
  • Guided business change and transformation
  • Can relate to corporate life, having held senior management roles and directorships across a range of organisations of different sizes and from multiple sectors
  • Programme and project management expertise enables me to help you take a structured approach to business creations or transformations of any size

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Darren successfully combines many aspects that make him a great teacher. He listens intently to others and uses his years of experience and personal spiritual development to provide insights and helpful suggestions. His ability to fully focus on the conversation taking place allows Darren to ask open questions with the goal of bringing out underlying issues and advancing the spiritual progress of his students.

His calm, kind manner and consistent focus on living in the present moment make him a pleasure to be around. My personal experience with Darren has consisted both of personal coaching sessions and attending his classes. In both arenas I have found him to offer a welcoming and open environment focused on helping others quieten the noise in their minds and lead happier lives.

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