Practise one or more meditations you feel will help most days of the week

Physical Realm

Physical Realm

Form-based and changeable. All of nature. The earth and beyond. What enters our senses, thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations.

馃帶 Relax & Heal (22 mins) - Relax, heal and sleep well. Practise lying down.

馃帶 Mindful Awareness (19 mins) - Cultivate and brighten mindfulness.

馃帶 Loving Kindness Meditation (15 mins) - Develop kindness and acceptance towards yourself and all sentient beings.

馃摎 The 7 Guidelines (list & book) - Simple yet powerful list providing a compass for navigating the physical and digital realms harmoniously.

Digital Realm

Digital Realm

The internet; accessed through digital devices. A sub-realm created through the physical realm.

馃帶 Conscious Digital Interaction (8 mins) - Use digital devices lovingly and consciously.

Dream Realm

Dream Realm

Created consciously through visualisation or unconsciously in sleep and daydreams. Includes being lost in thought. A temporary, self-generated sub-realm created through the physical realm.

馃帶 Dream Awareness Practice (16 mins) - Stay present by letting go of auto-pilot daydreams and being lost in thought.

馃帶 Dream Manifestation Practice (19mins) - Consciously manifest good outcomes.

spiritual realm

Spiritual Realm

Higher formless realm. Creates and hosts other realms. Infinite and unchangeable. Source of true wisdom, love & peace. Has many labels including spirit, soul, source, God and higher consciousness.

馃帶 Spiritual Receptivity Practice (20 mins) - Embrace the presence of Spirit to just "be" in you. Awaken through connection.

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